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The answer is Ethereum. Why Ethereum is Gaining on Bitcoin As of today, Bitcoin's market cap is $1.07 Trillion and Ethereum is $204 billion. Ethereum is now valued at 19.13% that of Bitcoin That being said, it's important to keep in mind that the ether ecosystem is much smaller than bitcoin's: as of January 2020, ether's market cap was just under $16 billion, while bitcoin's is. Back in June 2017 Ethereum's market cap indeed reached over 80% of Bitcoin's market cap. This was mainly due to the ICO hype which was funded through Ether, increasing its demand. Today, Ethereum's market cap is around 10% of Bitcoin's total market cap. Why Ethereum is Faster than Bitcoin

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Nur selten können Sie für Bitcoins kaufen PayPal oder Ether kaufen PayPal nutzen, während üblicherweise für die Bezahlung von Ethereum oder Bitcoin Kreditkarte akzeptiert wird. Der Preis einer Kryptowährung hängt wie üblich beim Trading von Angebot und Nachfrage ab. An der Börse kommen Käufer und Verkäufer zusammen At the time this article was written, the dollar value of all outstanding Bitcoin was around $625 billion. The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies is about $1.07 trillion, and the second-most.. Bitcoin and Ethereum still dominate, accounting for over 80% of the market value. Cryptocurrencies are now on a par with the giants of Big Tech in market cap terms. The cryptocurrency industry is now valued at over $1 trillion. Bitcoin and Ethereum hold roughly 80% of the market cap dominance This is supported by the Bitcoin Market Cap Dominance Chart below, which shows Bitcoin making up over 70% of the total Crypto market cap in November-December 2017, but fell dramatically in late December-January as Altcoins (like Ethereum) gained in value against BTC, increasing their prices in both BTC and USD pairings

Ethereum hat nach Bitcoin die zweitgrößte Marktkapitalisierung, wird aber auf eine andere Art und Weise verwendet die Ethereum-Blockchain basiert auf der Verwendung von Tokens, die gekauft, verkauft oder gehandelt werden können Ethereum Classic ETC $ 37.76 Algorand ALGO $ 1.48 PancakeSwap CAKE $ 23.97 THORChain RUNE $ 16.16 Avalanche AVAX $ 29.15 NEM XEM $ 0.40 Maker MKR $ 3563.19 Dai DAI $ 1.00 Kusama KSM $ 413.52 Elrond EGLD $ 190.80 Dash DASH $ 319.51 Huobi Token HT $ 17.97 Chiliz CHZ $ 0.56 Bitcoin BEP2 BTCB $ 56810.73 Zcash ZEC $ 259.89 Decred DCR $ 227.79 Holo.

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Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: What's the Difference

Bitcoin VS Ethereum: Cryptocurrency Comparison (2021 Updated

As of May 7, 2020, bitcoin sits at a price of $ 9,835 USD with a market cap of about $180 B. This compares to the Ethereum price of $212 USD with a market cap of $23.5 B. So in terms of market cap, bitcoin is clearly the leader Bitcoin Surpasses Facebook In Market Cap At $1.14 Trillion; Crypto Prices Explode - VET And ETC Surge By More Than 40%. April 17, 2021 April 17, 2021; Ethereum News; Bullish Ethereum Price Target Is Out . April 16, 2021 April 16, 2021; Ledger Support Reveals That ETH Berlin Upgrade Is Live And Causes Disruptions. April 15, 2021 April 15, 2021; Cardano Flaunts Massive Advantages Over Other. Market Cap: $2,054,308,506,641 24h Vol: $229,626,962,828 Dominance: BTC: 51.3% ETH: 12.4% Cryptos: 9,285 Markets: 38,590 ETH Gas: 181 Gwei Digital Silver: Why Litecoin Is Poised To Bounce Versus Bitcoin Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash Transaction fees. One of the visible differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the transaction fees. Although the costs fluctuate depending on either blockchain's congestion, the Bitcoin network suffers from high transaction processing fees compared to Bitcoin Cash. However, this may not be a significant selling point for the Bitcoin Cash platform, since its. At the present time of writing, gold's market cap is around $9 trillion USD. Bitcoin's market capitalisation sits currently at $227 billion USD. Comparing the two alternative assets, gold is currently around 40 times more than Bitcoin in market capitalisation

ETH's market cap is less than a tenth of Bitcoin, at around $ 14 billion. But it only trades around two and a half times less than Bitcoin; Bitcoin trades around $25 billion each day, and ETH's current daily transaction volume is around $9 billion. Featured snippet: Santander's blockchain bond . Not convinced by the power of Ethereum? Consider the retail banking giant Santander, which. Total crypto market cap erased $50.2 billion from its value for the period since Monday morning and now stands at $619.7 billion. The top ten coins were all in red for the last 24 hours with XRP and ChainLink being the worst performers with 30 and 16.7 percent of losses respectively.At the time of writing bitcoin is trading at $23,200 on the Bitstamp daily chart, ether fell to $581 For example, Coinmarketcap shows that on Feb. 23, Bitcoin's trading volume is 11.6% of its total market cap. Ethereum's trading volume is higher at 28.8%, but Dogecoin has a whopping 40.4% of. Mined crypto-currencies dominate the market by a staggering 70%. ETHEREUM. Ranked at no.2 in market cap, Ethereum has brought a lot to the masses in recent years. Being a decentralized platform.

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ETH's market cap is less than a tenth of Bitcoin, at around $ 14 billion. But it only trades around two and a half times less than Bitcoin; Bitcoin trades around $25 billion each day, and ETH's current daily transaction volume is around $9 billion. Featured snippet: Santander's blockchain bond Not convinced by the power of Ethereum Die größte Digitalwährung Bitcoin ist in aller Munde - doch auch Ethereum holt stark auf. Beide Kryptowährungen haben inzwischen eine milliardenschwere Marktkapitalisierung. Was zeichnet die.

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  1. Unlike Bitcoin and Litecoin, Ethereum doesn't have market cap limit. Ethereum is trying to be a platform for decentralized services, which is why they didn't keep a capped supply. Ethereum's block reward has reduced from 3 ETH to 2 ETH as per Ethereum-Improvement-protocol (EIP) 1234. Since the block reward is so low as compared to Litecoin and Bitcoin, the total supply of Ethereum won't go out of control
  2. NEO vs ArcticCoin FirstCoin vs Blocktix Siacoin vs Loom Network APX vs Emercoin Aeternity vs Gatechain Token Hdac vs Verge Status vs ATC Coin USD//Coin vs Clipper Coin PCHAIN vs Primas ATC Coin vs Populous Metal vs EOS Enjin Coin vs Worldcore Nxt vs APX Tael vs Hyperion Credits vs Bitcoin SV DEXTER vs Ethereum Classic Crypterium vs Groestlcoin.
  3. 2015: Bitcoin started the year with a market cap of $4.3 Billion while it peaked at $7 Billion. On the other hand, Ethereum, which started off in August of the year - peaked early at a market cap of $168 Million. 2016: Bitcoin started the year at $6.4 Billion and attained the year's high of $17 Billion in November. Ethereum, meanwhile, crossed the billion dollar mark for the first time, attaining a market cap of $1.5 Billion at its peak
  4. Bitcoin has a lead in market cap over Ethereum. But ETH might have a more attractive long-term case, meaning it could pass BTC at some point
  5. As of May 7, 2020, bitcoin sits at a price of $ 9,835 USD with a market cap of about $180 B. This compares to the Ethereum price of $212 USD with a market cap of $23.5 B
  6. As of January 13, 2021, Bitcoin currently captures around 68% of the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum comes in second, making up almost 13% of total market cap Bitcoin—it's volatile and valuable, and it's also in vogue for traders around the world. Even after a recent 15% drop, Bitcoin still makes up about 68% of the cryptocurrency market
  7. The Bitcoin and crypto market price has surged above $2 trillion and took the market into the spotlight once again. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are surging like crazy and today BTC is trading above $60k and ETH is also trading in the green and the digital asset is priced at the moment of writing this article

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  1. Ethereum vs Bitcoin Fazit: Gemeinsamkeiten & Unterschiede. Bitcoin wurde entwickelt, um ein dezentrales, digitalisiertes Zahlungsnetzwerk zu entwickeln - wahrscheinlich ist dies gescheitert. Das nutzt folglich Ethereum und fügt dem Rezept eine Zutat hinzu: eine Plattform für DApps, DAOs und Smart Contracts. Das ist wohl der größte Unterschied zwischen den beiden Krypto-Systemen.
  2. One trader is noting that he is expecting Ethereum to see similar price action to that seen by Bitcoin throughout the past few weeks. This means that it could be gearing up for a parabolic move that allows it to climb to $500 and beyond. Ethereum Rallies Towards $450 as Bulls Roa
  3. As one of the leading cryptocurrencies, Ethereum skyrocketed in the last year both in terms of market cap and the number of transactions. According to data presented by Trading Platforms, the Ethereum market cap soared by a staggering 1300% year-over-year and hit over $280bn last week, which is twice the growth rate of the world's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin
  4. Ethereum climbed to a peak of $1,739 before pulling back marginally to trade around $1,683 this morning, while bitcoin also jumped to a multi-day high above $51,000 before settling just under $50,000 this morning. Simon Peters, analyst, eToro: Cardano hard fork completes successfully as price rocket
  5. Bitcoinist | Apr 06, 2021 | 19:15. As corporations like Visa and PayPal join Wall Street banks in expanding their crypto offerings, Ethereum is setting new all-time highs above $2K. Prices began rising on Wednesday as the market was uplifted by crypto-themed April Fool's pranks
  6. Bitcoin Market Cap Vs Ethereum. So much so that institutions raised funds to invest in Bitcoin, at an average price of over $19000. Ethereum: An Overview Ether (ETH), ether's market cap was just under $16 billion, while bitcoin's is nearly 10 times that at more than $147 billion The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies is about $1.07 trillion, and the second-most valuable digital currency.
  7. Nimiq vs Neblio Decred vs Cosmo Coin Fetch vs Ethereum Classic UG Token vs ugChain Tierion vs Electroneum Nexo vs Metronome COTI vs HOQU VeChain vs Waltonchain adToken vs NEM Adzcoin vs Soarcoin Dotcoin vs I/O Coin ATBCoin vs Byteball Bytes WaykiChain vs Kore Dent vs Onix Mysterium vs Nimiq PoSW Coin vs Shift BOMB vs Ethereum Classic Spendcoin vs INO COIN Baer Chain vs Celer Network Basic.

Bitcoin market cap vs ethereum,Bitcoin (BTC) has spiked nearly 22% in one week, but that spectacular gain is easily eclipsed by Ethereum (ETH), the number two cryptocurrency by market cap What Happened: ETH's gains in the.Here are some key things investors should know about BTC in the Bitcoin bitcoin market cap vs ethereum versus Ethereum investment debate: 1.Highest attention from large. All this activity has brought ADA's market cap has exceeded both BNB and USDT to the third highest in the market, behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Initially released in 2017, Cardano was created by Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson, through his company Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) and the Cardano Foundation. Although he had previously expressed apathy towards the value of ADA, Hoskinson appears to be celebrating Cardano's achievements on Twitter

With bitcoin racing ahead more than six times to almost $63,00 Wednesday from approximately $10,000 a year ago, and Ether, the currency built on the Ethereum platform but whose name is often used. Ethereum (ETH) is currently the second largest cryptocurrency by means of market capitalization. It boasts a total market cap of around $16.6 billion, following a recent spike in its value. The entire cryptocurrency market is currently valued at about $171 billion, which is a shadow of its former self. At its peak, the crypto market in 2017 was worth upwards of $800 billion. However, since then, almost every digital currency has plunged, with most of them recording substantial losses.

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Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the two top cryptocurrencies by market cap, remained muted on Wednesday night but many smart contract coins were rallying.. What Happened: BTC price traded 3.47%. Ethereum still the leader of altcoins. Since the split, the original Ethereum speed has continued to develop further, while ETC remains a proof of work blockchain with limited transaction speed in comparison. Therefore, the original Ethereum platform is still the king, as we can see in the total market cap and sentiment The Market Cap of cryptocurrencies is calculated by mutipliying the circulating supply with the coin's price About Infinite Market Cap (8MarketCap) ranks the world's top assets by Market Cap, including precious metals such as Gold an Silver, public companies such as Apple and Tesla, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) such as QQQ and the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF, and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Market cap: $16.5 billionYear-to-date rise: 6,859.6 percent. Litecoin is probably bitcoin's closest rival in terms of the use case. Founder Charlie Lee has, on numerous occasions, said the.

Bitcoin has been booming all in 2020 and 2021 as well. The digital asset has seen a lot of new ATHs, and the mass adoption is going amazing. The mainstream adoption of BTC and crypto has been one of the main goals that the crypto space had, and there have been a lot of moves made in this direction. BTC's market cap will never dip below $1 trillio Ethereum (ETH) - Live Ether price and market cap. CryptoCompare needs a newer browser in order to work Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, was up 1.3% at $2,103. Its market cap was $244 billion on Monday. It hit a record high of $2,144.99 last Friday. Momentum and interest have begun to expand beyond bitcoin and ethereum, said Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer at crypto exchange Bitfinex

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Earlier today, Bitcoin rose to its highest level since late February and regained its $1 trillion market cap. Recently, Bitcoin was unable to break key resistance at $50,000, as it failed to find support over its 50-, 100-, and 200-day SMA points on the 4-hour time frame. With continued institutional buying, however, Bitcoin was able to reclaim $53,600. While current price levels are still off all-time highs, it has mostly recovered losses from late February market cap, the lowest levels since June 2019. As Bitcoin's price edges skyward, from about $10,000 back in September to highs of $14,000 over the weekend, so does its dominance increase. Bitcoin, as of this writing, comprises 63.5% of the crypto market cap. While autumn may be Bitcoin's game, summer was all about Ethereum ChainLink, Tezos, and Ethereum VS Bitcoin - Where Are These Markets Headed? Apr 27, 2020 | Yaz Sheikh--:-- Join over 25 000 users in the biggest ICO of 2021 Join over 25 000 users in the biggest ICO of 2021 Join ICO . ChainLink Price Analysis. Against USD, Chainlink has actually been suffering this week after dropping by a total of 1.5% over the past 7-days of trading. This actually makes LINK. Ethereum is the top ranked altcoin, second to only Bitcoin in terms of overall market cap. Ethereum Classic is now more than 30 ranked down the list of cryptocurrencies by market cap, and it is difficult to say it even deserves that Bitcoin maintains a $1T market cap at $53,590; $55k is the level to watching during the weekly close; Deribit Bitcoin options worth $5.7B expire next Friday and could provide additional selling pressure; Veteran Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo has forecasted that BTC's market cap might never drop below $1 Trillion again. Mr. Woo cites that only 7.3% of Bitcoin's supply has moved since this market cap milestone was reached

Market Cap Lost $110 Billion as Bitcoin Price Plunges Towards $46K (Market Watch) Author: Ethereum leads with a 6% drop, and the second-largest cryptocurrency has lost the $1,500 price level. Cardano (-5%), Binance Coin (-8%), Polkadot (-10%), Litecoin (-7%), Chainlink (-11%), and Bitcoin Cash (-7%) are also well in the red. Ripple is the only exception from the top ten as XRP has stayed. Learn about cryptocoins, market caps, start dates, currency codes, official websites, algorithms, where you can mine it, who exchanges it, news and charts Bitcoin's market cap is now greater than JPMorgan, Facebook, VISA and Tesla individually. Rich Dad, Poor Dad author continues to recommend Bitcoin as a hedge against possible global financial turmoil. Tyler Winklevoss has also reiterated that Bitcoin is the best hedge against incoming inflation. Bitcoin is getting harder and harder to ignore Bitcoin Vs Ethereum Search Stock, FX pair, Crypto, or Commodity... Bitcoin - ( BTC ) VS Ethereum - ( ETH ) Comparison - 6 month Bitcoin rival Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, was up 3.53 per cent at $2,121.25. On Monday, ethereum's market cap was $244 billion and the currency hit a.

Ethereum Looks Poised To Overtake Bitcoin Market Cap In

Due to lack of scalability, experts opinion for the next year is that market share of ethereum will bypass bitcoin and emerge as one of the top crytpocurren.. Ether price has rallied 322% year-to-date and its $67 billion market cap now surpasses General Motors and CME Group. 2020 has been an impressive year for the Ethereum network and Ether price.In November the Eth2 deposit contract quietly launched and before the end of the month the contract had reached capacity with 524,288 Ether locked.. When Black Thursday occured on March 12, nearly every. Bitcoin Today, Bitcoin price, Bitcoin technical analysis, Bitcoin News. Price Prediction for Ehereum, ETH Chainlink, LINK and Bitcoin December 2020 BETH, ETH..

As of the time of publication, Litecoin has a market cap of 2.7B while Ethereum holds a market cap of 14.7B. However, despite maintaining top-crypto status, the two cryptocurrencies have been developed for entirely different uses Holger Zschaepitz, a market analyst at Welt, emphasized that Bitcoin (BTC) is nearing the valuation of Google, as it heads toward $1.5 trillion in market capitalization. Currently, as of April 17, the market cap of Bitcoin is hovering at around $1.12 trillion as the entire valuation of the crypto market remains comfortably above $2 trillion. [

Compare the two cryptocurrencies Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ethereum (ETH). Algorithm, price, market cap, volume, supply, consensus method, links and more According to Coin Metrics chart, the combined total of all the ERC20 market caps measured $29.2 billion, while Ethereum's valuation is measured at $26.7 billion on July 13, 2020

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  1. Bybit: $620 FREE BITCOIN BONUS: http://bonus.cryptonewsalerts.net Use This Voucher Code: JACKPOT(Make a deposit before 5 Feb 2021 & receive up to $620 [..
  2. Compare the two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). Algorithm, price, market cap, volume, supply, consensus method, links and more
  3. Bitcoin users eager to put their sidelined assets into play may want to explore the few options currently available on the Ethereum ecosystem. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Over the past few months, Wrapped Bitcoin surged where its overall market cap is concerned. Currently, there are 126,260 WBC in circulation, creating a market valuation of $2.035.

https://themarketsniper.com Our Free trading course: https://themarketsniper.com/tradesmart/ Watch our webinar: https://themarketsniper.com/webinarBook.. Read More Bitcoin's market cap surpasses Nvidia at over $336B. Bitcoin's market cap surpasses Nvidia at over $336B. Search for: Recent Posts. How To Buy Litecoin: A Beginner's Guide; Ethereum Vs Bitcoin; Lawsuit Claims Nvidia Misrepresented $1B in Sales to Crypto Miners; Bitcoin up 375% since Peter Schiff accidentally called the exact bottom; Bitcoin's market cap surpasses Nvidia at. Wrapped Bitcoin (BTC) has flipped the market cap of Bitcoin SV (BSV) $320 Million in market capitalization separates the two assets. Demand for Bitcoin on Ethereum continues to increase and has fueled the growth of WBTC. WBTC is also available on the Tron network. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has surpassed the market capitalization of Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Market Cap (USD) BTC 1,138,612,962,240 ETH 276,921,173,18 Market Cap (USD) BTC 1,021,807,361,920 ETH 244,525,817,44

The better performing digital asset between the top two cryptocurrencies by market cap is Ethereum (ETH) so far. And it's not just in price that the top altcoin has outperformed Bitcoin (BTC) but. Ethereum Breaks USD 2,500, DOGE Doubles while Bitcoin Consolidates. Bitcoin price corrected lower from the USD 64,900 zone. BTC broke the USD 63,000 support, but it is holding gains above the USD 62,000 level. It is currently (04:00 UTC) showing positive signs and it might start a fresh rally above USD 64,000 So far in 2021, ETH has increased by value by nearly 150%, while bitcoin has gone up around 90%. However, it is unlikely that ETH will take over in terms of market capitalization because bitcoin.

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  1. While Bitcoin is worth more than $1 trillion, the total market cap of the token universe now exceeds $2.25 trillion, according to CoinGecko.com, which tracks more than 6,700 coins.Bitcoin's.
  2. Ethereum vs Bitcoin: summary and key differences. Bitcoin and Ethereum need no introduction. Bitcoin, founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, was the first successful cryptocurrency when it launched. While not the first attempt at a decentralised currency, Bitcoin was the only one, at the time, to gain significant traction and adoption
  3. Bitcoin. Ethereum will likely outperform Bitcoin, but VeChain stands to outperform even Ethereum. That doesn't mean VeChain will have a larger market cap than the others. Remember, we're discussing relative performance here, not comparing the future size of one asset to another
  4. Bitcoin accounts for around 69 per cent of the total market cap, followed by Ethereum with a 13 per cent share. ( Also Read: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Touches $1 Trillion: All You Need To Know
  5. ate the market cap rankings. In this Ripple vs Ethereum guide, we compare two of the most significant crypto projects and check out whether they belong in your investment portfolio. However, before we dive in, here's a quick summary of the projects
  6. g months considering the stimulus packages that have been discussed in the U.S. and other countries. He has also mentioned that considering that most BTC is not for.
  7. When the market cap goes down, the price of ETH goes down slower than that of BTC. The data which is obtained is for approximately 310 days but if the pattern continues for the major part of this year, it might just change the common opinion that BTC holds the strings of the market cap
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Many Ethereum proponents believe Ethereum's market cap will surpass Bitcoin's market cap. The number. After that, however, the world's first cryptocurrency saw an unfortunate drop. Ether ethereum market cap vs bitcoin is the digital currency of the Ethereum blockchain, which is an open source blockchain platform that allows coin trader for the creation of so-called smart contracts. Ethereum: An Overview Ether (ETH), ether's market cap was just under $16 billion, while bitcoin's is nearly 10 times that at more than $147 billion Many Ethereum proponents believe Ethereum's market cap will surpass Bitcoin's market cap. Ethereum price today is. Even after a recent 15% drop, Bitcoin still makes up about 68% of the cryptocurrency market Bitcoin and Ethereum bitcoin vs. As the total market cap of crypto reaches a new paradigm, bitcoin and ethereum balances on exchanges continue to dwindle, but for different reasons. Crypto is booming, so much so that last weeken The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies is about $1.07 trillion, and the second-most valuable digital currency is Ethereum, with a market value in the neighborhood of $150 billion. Here are some key things investors should know about BTC in the Bitcoin versus Ethereum investment debate: 1.Highest attention from large investors. The Winklevoss twins, the famous Harvard alumni who claim.

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  1. ed Bitcoins is 16 million (most of them belonging to early
  2. Convert Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin (BTC). Out Now Our Q1 2021 Crypto Report is fresh off the press! Read it first and understand the state of cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2021 - from the rise of NFT to $2 trillion crypto market cap and much more!
  3. Bitcoin and Ethereum are undoubtedly among the most widely discussed cryptocurrencies. While they are among the leading and most popular cryptocurrencies, the technology backing each one of them i
  4. At the zenith of this towering empire lie Bitcoin and Ethereum, these two digital assets make up $1.3 trillion of the total $1.7trillion of the cryptocurrency market. These two coins rank 1 st and 2 nd in popularity and value. This position makes these two tokens a healthy and safe investment. But lots of investors are usually undecided on.
  5. As of publication, this market cap is sitting at $615 billion. During the just-ended 3-year bear market, it was the case of Bitcoin vs altcoins. The rise of one meant the fall of the other. If there was any doubt that this is a bull market, it is again evident by the fact that now Bitcoin and altcoins are simultaneously rallying
If you were investing in Bitcoin Market Cap where EthereumEthereum Market Cap $ 28BEthereum vsIs Bitcoin or Ethereum the projected winner of the market

Litecoin is fundamentally the same as bitcoin aside from it has 4 fold the number of coins. It's likewise four times quicker. The market cap of LTH is $16.5 billion, and the year-to-date rise is. Ethereum On-Chain Data. BTC vs. ETH Active Addresses YTD. Bitcoin Hashrate. New Chart. View Only Mode. Bitcoin realized cap vs market cap @Ryan Watkins. Copy to Edit. Share. List View Grid View Detach Attach. No Tool Measure Undo Redo All All Favorites Text Statistics Technicals Fibonacci Markings Lines. Annotation (Alt+T) Arrow (Alt+A) Average Line. Callout. Channel. Check. Continuous. Cross. Naturally, when the asset's price grows, so does its market capitalization. In BTC's case, the market cap is determined by multiplying the number of coins in circulation by the price of each. After today's record, the cumulative market capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency reached $715 billion, according to data from Asset Dash. This placed BTC at the 7th spot in the rankings of the monitoring resource. Meaning, that bitcoin has neared the market cap of Elon Musk's. The top two altcoins by market cap, Ethereum and XRP, have posted higher gains than Bitcoin. Stablecoin supply has grown over 300%, closing in on $25 billion. Analysts believe that institutions pouring into Bitcoin will also lift the price of many popular altcoins. This news was brought to you by Phemex, our preferred Derivatives Partner Coal-based electricity is available there at low rates & this d elivers the ri diculous carbon footprint for each unique Bitcoin transaction. Mined crypto-currencies dominate the market by a staggering 70%. ETHEREUM. Ranked at no.2 in market cap, Ethereum has brought a lot to the masses in recent years. Being a decentralized platform where developers can create smart contracts, Ethereum is a blockchain with an enormous reach that can add value and represent the ownership of items. The market-wide correction that saw BTC plummet to $51,500 has harmed the alternative coins even worse. Ethereum dropped well below $1,600, while double-digit price declines are evident for numerous large-cap alts, including Polkadot and Uniswap. Alts in a Sea of Red; ETH Below $1,60

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