Why bitcoin can never be a reserve currency

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Here's Why Bitcoin Won't Be A Global Reserve Currency

Global reserve currency is easy to borrow in international markets but it also takes away the power to influence the domestic economy. Having Bitcoin as a global reserve currency may sound reasonable at first as it's a sovereign-free and algorithm-based and as such we can expect it to be more stable, right? Well, not really. A global currency. Bitcoin can't serve as a currency. This is shown by the very solution which allows merchants to sell goods and services priced in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Investment Trust still trades at a large..

Why Bitcoin Can't Serve As A Currency (GBTC) Seeking Alph

Bitcoin becoming a global currency is physically and mathematically impossible. Here is why. Bitcoin is an extremely inefficient payment method. Forget about all the risks its high volatility. Bitcoin becoming a global currency is physically and mathematically impossible. Here is why. Bitcoin is an extremely inefficient payment method. Forget about all the risks its high volatility poses to any real business or person. We're talking about the number of transactions the Bitcoin network can process and the energy it consumes But Bitcoin can never be one of those currencies. There, I said it. Here's why. In order to have a successful currency, it needs to have a number of elements. They include: scarcity, durability, divisibility, portability, acceptance and stability. Bitcoin lacks stability. Now it appears that it will never be stable, hence removing its chances of ever being the global currency it has been touted to be. Just today the price of Bitcoin has declined by 9% (at time of writing) and it's not.

Bitcoin will not become a global reserve currency, argues Noelle Acheson. But it is adding a powerful tool to the box of potential solutions And the answer is no. Just because you call something a currency doesn't mean it is one. It has to be a stable store of value that people actually use to buy things with. Bitcoin fails on both.. It is impossible to maintain an economy with such a volatile currency. Bitcoin is and will always be a reserve of value. If bitcoin community want it to be used as a daily currency, they should launch a new token (something like an ethereum erc20) and use BTC as collateral. Something similar to DAI

Bitcoin may never be as easy to use as a transactional currency, but it is quite plausible as a reserve asset. In essence, it is the first truly global form of currency. Though adopters of bitcoin.. Why booming bitcoin will never be a form of payment, according to 5 experts. Isabelle Lee . Feb. 26, 2021, 01:09 PM. The Bitcoin price has risen more than 340% this year, causing some analysts to. Why bitcoin can never be a reserve currency / From Daniel Aronoff, Department of Economics, MIT Cambridge, MA, U It is Extremely SLOW and EXPENSIVE to transact with, it can NEVER be used as a currency. This is why Bitcoin Cash was made, and since then we have XRP/XLM which are dirt cheap to transact and..

Here's Why Bitcoin Can Never Be A Global Currency

Today, the world stage continues to equalize. This equalization has cast doubt on the dollar's future as the current reserve currency. Nowadays, there needs to be a reserve currency that works for both governments and individuals, regardless of their nation. Here are the reasons why Bitcoin is that currency: Portabilit Why Bitcoin Is Not a Viable Currency Option In certain political corners, the Great Recession is seen, rightly or wrongly, to have tarnished the reputation of the U.S. Federal Reserve system. Some libertarians especially have argued against the purpose and even existence of the central bank, which they thin There are two main reasons the Fed might want to buy up Bitcoin. The first is to gain majority control over what it believes to be the world's next reserve currency, whereas the second is to drive its value down to maintain the status of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. As we'll soon see, buying Bitcoin for either of these two purposes will likely have unintended consequences—and would, more likely than not, prove to be counterproductive For many economists, however, it is the fixed supply of Bitcoin that makes it impractical as a world reserve currency. They say that since demand would far outstrip supply of bitcoins, adopting it as global reserve currency would mean permanent deflation. 1

Bitcoin Can Never Be a Global Currency

  1. utes before reaching the 21 million cap that are available. At predeter
  2. Economists who favor the use of BTC as the world's reserve currency claim that Bitcoin must enhance its presence in three main categories in order to be viewed by the general public as a legitimate reserve currency. These categories include serving as medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account
  3. Accepting Bitcoin as a reserve currency and alternative means of exchange can be a great idea at this point only at a small scale and without too much noise. The danger of losing military support and potentially suffering a ravaging coup outweighs the benefits of using sound money before the unfortunate events unfold
  4. utes makes it an alternative of greater credibility and solidity for those who do not believe in the traditional system, and precisely as the adoption of cryptocurrencies increases, Bitcoin could become the new world reserve currency
  5. The rare nature of bitcoin drives both its success (in dollar terms) and its failure as a mainstream currency, which it was never designed to be in the first place. _____ For a simple approach to managing currencies, read Why Treasurers Should Adopt Multilateral Netting _____ Bitcoin's Blockchai
  6. The current Bitcoin market is extremely volatile. If Bitcoin is in the news, its price can fluctuate hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are talked about so often in the community that everyone just calls them FUD. If there was ever any reason for the public to believe that Bitcoin may become illegal, if there was a hack, a virus, or any other issue in the system, the value will drop dramatically as people panic and sell as quickly as.
  7. I don't know if Bitcoin is going to rule the world, and I don't want to bet that people will be willing to pay more for bitcoins in future than they do today. So, I'm simply not getting involved

Why Bitcoin can never be a global currency - Steve Sammartin

Still, some experts say that despite bitcoin's growing popularity, it will never be a true currency. Here are three reasons why. 1. Whales dominate. Whales can dictate the value of bitcoin, either by hanging on to their reserves or by dropping their bitcoin shares. And, right now whales control large quantities of bitcoin And unless it can overcome these challenges, Bitcoin will never become a real currency like the dollar or euro, as some experts believe. Bitcoin's Origin Created Big Expectations. The advent of. Yet, Chandler breaks down several reasons why Bitcoin won't become the world's reserve currency anytime soon. Let's work through some of them. The American Dollar Has a Rich History of Being a Safety Net. The U.S. Dollar is the default reserve currency for pretty much the whole planet. It's been that way since 1944. Although governments in the Western world are printing off money at a. Bitcoin is a new kind of currency that the ownership is dependent on private key exclusively. Without the correct private key, there is no way to move Bitcoin around, even if it is by the means of law. This introduced to us the notion of absolutely private property, for the first time in human history. However, this makes illicit activities more convenient as well. This could undermine. Bitcoin bulls have many arguments for why Bitcoin is the future. A major argument is that it will replace fiat currency. That will never happen

Op-ed: Bitcoin has never been closer to becoming a global reserve currency, here's why. Jonnie Emsley · March 21, 2020 at 10:02 pm UTC · 4 min read. Jonnie Emsley Fintech Journalist @ CryptoSlate. Info Twitter LinkedIn. Share Tweet Post Share Post Email. As foreign currency markets take aim at decades-old lows against a soaring U.S. dollar, one might wonder where global citizens will turn. According to Bullard, the U.S. dollar is and always will be the world's reserve currency. Sure, the asset is facing hardcore inflation right now, but he believes that bitcoin poses no threat to the.. It can't and won't ever become real currency. In fact, given the speculation bubble that seems to be developing, Bitcoin is looking more and more like a new twist on Internet gambling

I agree that bitcoin is not currency. I liken it more the $450 million possibly counterfeit Da Vinci. Now to mining. The current hash rate of the bitcoin network is 15 million terahash. The most modern miner - the AntMiner S9 hashes at the rate of 13.5 Terahash and a power consumption of 1300 watts. Obviously, the network has a lot of older less efficient miners. So in round numbers I get 1.2 million S9s to service the network. That is about 1.6 gigawatts. Worldwide generating capacity. [Currency is] basically something with a store of value [and bitcoin is not that]. Williams, who's currently president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, is the presumptive next president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The crypto-skeptic slammed virtual currencies, saying they can never replace paper money because. It has no central bank regulation, network operations or even centralized issuance. And because of its wild price fluctuations, bitcoin can never be a reliable payment system. (Read more: How to.. The reasons for this can only involve speculation, as they appear to defy logic, but we can probably say this is something to do with the community that supports it No chance, Cuban said to me in an email, answering a question regarding any type of future scenario in which he sees bitcoin becoming a reliable currency. Not because it can't work.

Bitcoin has become a cultural and financial phenomenon. While many people have heard of Bitcoin, far fewer understand it. In short, Bitcoin is a digital currency, or cryptocurrency, that allows person-to-person transactions independent of the banking system. Bitcoin is not a physical coin that you keep in your purse or wallet. Rather, it is a virtual currency—a digital computer code you store in a virtual wallet in cyberspace and access with a computer or smartphone app. Some see Bitcoin. In a centralized economy, the currency is issued by a central bank at a rate that is supposed to match the growth of the number of goods. The monetary base is controlled by a central bank, that can increase the supply by issuing more currency. In a fully decentralized monetary system, there is no central authority that regulates the monetary base. Instead, the currency is created by the nodes of a peer-to-peer network. The Bitcoin generation algorithm defines, in advance, how the currency. There are also practical hurdles to making Bitcoin a currency people can use easily. When demand for Bitcoin is high, transaction fees soar as miners raise the price of processing those. It may not necessarily be a global currency anytime soon either. However, Oliver acknowledges it may happen, for all we know. We see more efforts towards regulating Bitcoin, which also gives it more legitimacy in the long run.Until that is in place, however, Bitcoin will always remain a niche market, for obvious reasons

Bitcoin Won't Be a Global Reserve Currency

Why Bitcoin Will Never Be the Dominant Form of Money. Cullen Roche - 04/09/2018 04/09/2018. The ultimate dream of the crypto currency enthusiasts is for money to become decentralized and essentially removed from the hands of banks and Central Banks who can manipulate it for their own benefit. This is a nice thought, but most of it is based on misunderstandings about what money is. Coming up with a value for the current price of Bitcoin would involve pricing in the risk of low adoption or failure of Bitcoin as a currency, which could include being displaced by one or more.

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In this series on Bitcoin and money, Crypto Briefing takes a deep dive into the complexities of the modern monetary system and how Bitcoin, as the ultimate hard money, can serve as a solution to many of its problems. In Part Three of the series we examine the forces that shape current monetary policy. The full nine-part series is available here Jason Williams, author of Hard Money You Can't F**k With: Why Bitcoin Will Be the Next Global Reserve Currency, argues that when countries have tried to put the kibosh on cryptocurrencies. Why the rise of bitcoin could be the first shot in a currency revolution Bitcoin's flirtation with mainstream acceptance and gravity-defying climb in price have made headlines around the world The Bitcoin Skeptic: Why Bitcoin Will Never Replace Fiat Currency Bitcoin price dipped under $10,000 while trading on Sunday. | Source: Shutterstock As the resident bitcoin skeptic at CCN.com, today I'll be looking at the myth that bitcoin will one day replace all fiat currencies Billionaire inventor and investor Mark Cuban believes that Bitcoin is too complex and too costly to become a widely used currency. In a recent podcast, he delved into why he has become a Bitcoin bull, how decentralized finance could rival the legacy banking system, his favorite cryptocurrency projects and why Ethereum is a better store of value than Bitcoin

Bitcoin as a global reserve currency might take longer than some think, but with the speed at which governments are printing free money, it just might not. As a Bitcoin hodler, I actually want the FED to print as many dollars as they can. As far as I am concerned, they can never print enough. That is why I am in favour of bigger stimulus cheques. Let them bail out dinosaur corporations with. The bill called The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 is to be tabled in one of the budget sessions of the Parliament. According to the Lok Sabha secretariat, the bill will create a facilitative framework for the creation of the official digital currency to be issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Here's why this sort of talk is the early signs of Bitcoin's new narrative developing - where it becomes not only a store of value but a also unit of account. Don't Be Deterred By $20K Per BTC Prices Or Scarce Supply, Bitcoin Can Be Repriced Into Satosh First, some definitions. A digital rupee would be a centralized currency controlled by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), while Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralized international cryptocurrencies that no single actor has control over. The administrators of the digital rupee at RBI would be able to issue wallets, freeze accounts, and reverse transactions. But Bitcoin is more akin t If we can accept that bitcoin volatility is both natural and healthy, why doesn't current volatility prevent the adoption required to transition bitcoin to a stable form of money? Very simply: diversification, portfolio allocation theory and time horizon. There exists a global network (bitcoin) through which you can transfer value over a communication channel to anyone in the world, and it.

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In many cases, users can lock up crypto assets as collateral to take out a crypto loan, while earning free tokens in the process just for using the platform. In times of recession and economic downturn, getting access to credit can be a struggle, and often comes with high interest. People can't afford to take the risk of borrowers defaulting at this time, so credit dries up (unless you happen to be a zombie company that is too big to fail) Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2009. Marketplaces called bitcoin exchanges allow people to buy or sell bitcoins using different currencies Governments never could completely stop goods that most people wanted. Black markets formed in cannabis and alcohol, and Bitcoin is far easier to move and harder to detect than those. See also: Governments will stop Bitcoin; Banning nodes will stop Bitcoin. Nodes cannot be stopped in every country. So long as a node is running somewhere in the world Bitcoin can continue to validate.

How And Why Bitcoin Could Become A New Reserve Currency

  1. Every bitcoin transaction that has ever taken place is noted in the ledger and can never be erased. It is constantly growing as more transactions are added in chronological order
  2. World Reserve Currency: The Magic Money of Kings. In short, there is a group that can create money and dictate its policy, and another group that must abide by these decrees and simply use it
  3. Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can't F*ck With: Why Bitcoin Will Be the Next Global Reserve Currency Audible Audiobook - Unabridged Jason A. Williams (Author, Publisher), Jessica Walker (Narrator) 4.8 out of 5 stars 219 rating

Enter, stage center, bitcoin: a currency controlled — like gold — by no one, but better than gold, since there's an absolute limit on the total number of bitcoins that can ever be mined. Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency began use in 2009 when its implementation was released as open-source software.: ch. 1 Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without a central bank or single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without.

Why booming bitcoin will never be a form of payment

Why Control Matters . Governments control fiat currencies. They use central banks to issue or destroy money out of thin air, using what is known as monetary policy to exert economic influence. Nobody can deny that Bitcoin was among the first digital currencies ad being a pioneer in this industry gave Bitcoin a head start. Miners generated the first Bitcoin in 2009, and this. Never before have we seen more interest in Bitcoin and its potential as a digital companion to gold. Financial crises stress the limits of existing systems and can highlight the need for new ones. This was true during the financial crisis of 2008 (out of which Bitcoin was born), and it is perhaps more true today with the unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus being pursued by.

Will bitcoin end the dollar's reign? Financial Time

  1. First is the blockchain where we can see the flow of Bitcoin and all the transactions. And second, the underlying code is open-source. Anybody can look at any block in the blockchain, and anybody can pull down the source code that actually runs all this and read it for themselves. Contrast this radical transparency with, say, The Federal Reserve, which has an exclusive monopoly on the creation.
  2. GUANGZHOU, China — Bitcoin could rise to $1 million over the long term to become a reserve currency for the world, according to one asset manager. But JPMorgan warned of risks ahead as the.
  3. A national currency cannot also be a sustainable global reserve. The two are just fundamentally incompatible, as per the Triffin paradox. The two are just fundamentally incompatible, as per the.

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The value of bitcoin actually comes from the worthlessness of our current financial system. The current financial system is doomed to collapse. The currencies of the world are pegged to the dollar and the dollar is not tied to anything. As a result, there is really no limit to the amount of money that the Federal Reserve can print. This is like robbing the people of their money. It reduces purchasing power of the money that was already in circulation and as a result, causes inflation 3. bitcoin can't become a reserve currency, there is no such thing as bitcoin bonds. the growth of the bitcoin money supply has been predetermined. government wants to be able to control the money supply, because it gives them power. 4. the usd as a reserve currency will probably be replaced by a global currency, SDR's, to the detriment of. Unlike money issued by governments, Bitcoin has no Federal Reserve, no gold backing, no banks, no physical notes. Created in a 2008 academic paper by a still unknown person using the name Satoshi. With the likes of Tesla adopting Bitcoin as a reserve currency, it's all but certain that it is now viewed as a serious gold rival. Image by xe.com. BTC continues to print new all-time highs against the yellow metal as the latter is struggling to post significant gains in 2021. One Bitcoin is worth over 26 ounces of gold at press time The only snag with crypto becoming the next reserve currency is its decentralized nature. Banks and governments can't control Bitcoin, as the Blockchain is a self-evolving entity controlled by the end-user. Therefore, there is no way governments can manipulate the currency or use it to create credit. It's for this reason that many governments around the world refuse to recognize Bitcoin and crypto as a legitimate currency

Is Bitcoin Still a Good Investment, Even Above $50,000? No one knows, and frankly, no one will ever know at any price point. Anyone who tells you know if now is a good price to buy in at is likely scamming you. Bitcoin is still considered by most to be a risky investment and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. That being said, highly volatile assets do tend to have greater potential for return (matched by its potential for incredible loss). You should always. Bitcoin bulls are also pretty convinced that the most popular digital currency is now a bona fide store of value: i.e., an asset, commodity, or currency that maintains its value

Fiat operates through fractional reserve banking which means that not everyone can access their money at the same time. For this reason banks need to limit purchases and withdrawals with daily spending limits. Bitcoin doesn't have any spending limits which means you can send as much money as you need. Doesn't this make better sense than being told how much of your hard earned money you're allowed to spend Bitcoin is hard money you can't f-k with.No one controls it. No governments, no companies, no central banks, no money printing. It's a revolution as big as the internet. And it's never been hacked. Entrepreneur and investor Jason A. Williams is the first author to put bitcoin in context of the 2020 crisis - a year of financial disaster and. A brief look at the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies reveals why it is dangerous to leave your crypto funds in an exchange. Since 2011, over $1.65 billion worth of crypto assets have been stolen, and the numbers are getting bigger every year. According to Hackernoon, that amounts to a jaw-dropping $12.6 billion loss when values are adjusted for inflation. Source: Hackernoon. Aside from.

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Outshines Gold as a Global Reserve

The theory behind all cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, is that the records produced by a distributed computer network can be made tamperproof, thus theoretically guaranteeing the soundness of a currency better than governments can. And so far, despite some substantial bumps in the road, the blockchain system on which bitcoin is built has at least partially proved this theory. A million or. The key point here is that Bitcoin as a currency can't be inflated by any single person or entity, like a government, as there's no way to increase supply past a certain amount. Indeed, the most likely scenario, as Bitcoin becomes more popular and demand increases, is for the currency to increase in value, or deflate, until demand stabilizes Bitcoin was created in Ja n uary 2009 as a response to the monetary policy following the 2008 debt crisis. At the time, the Federal Reserve was resorting to unprecedented measures in effort to save not only our country, but the global financial system that is built around the United States. Our economy collapsed after a decade of a recklessly overleveraged financial sector's greed finally caught up with them. Due to a combination of low interest rates and laxed monetary policy, there were. Why Bitcoin (BTC) can never be gold of the cryptocurrency world? The problem with this theory is that up until now, it has grown astronomically. When you look at the levels where Bitcoin (BTC) was trading a couple of years back, you will realize that it has grown astronomically from those levels. This ensures that the downside potential is pretty significant as well. When you look at the Gold. Myth: Bitcoin will never replace cash. (Well it's not aiming to) In my opinion, I think the word Cryptocurrency is really mis-leading and hopefully one day Crypto Assets can be adopted instead of the word Currency in it. Why? Because every crypto asset has different use cases and not every coin is aiming to be a currency, or.

  1. It would be fair to say that if you take out bitcoin's or for that matter any other cryptocurrency's ambition to emerge as a parallel form of money out of the equation, it simply becomes a Ponzi scheme. (Don't think Gupta realised this while making the point that he did). (You can read why I think bitcoin will never be money, here and here)
  2. A currency can be treated as a commodity, being bought and sold to take advantage of fluctuations in its value relative to other currencies and assets. But its primary purpose is to facilitate.
  3. d, so get ready
  4. istrator is responsible for the maintenance or backing of Bitcoin, transactions issued in Bitcoin are verified and recorded in a public distributed ledger that is called a Blockchain. This means that.
  5. der Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of Sky Bridge Capital. Human history is littered with pivotal innovations, a trend or tool that permanently upends the way we live, work or conduct business. Whenever they arrive, there.
  6. Reserves are held as currency in the bank, or as balances in the bank's accounts at the central bank. Fractional-reserve banking is the current form of banking practiced in most countries worldwide. In a nutshell: It means the money banks lend to us never exists in first place and is only created out of thin air when we demand it. This is the part where it gets interesting because how cool.
  7. Bitcoin Price Will Now Never Officially go to Zero — Here's Why. Bitcoin ( BTC) can crash hard, but not so hard that it ends up costing $0 — because one man is going to buy all of it

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There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin in circulation and the supply will follow a predetermined trajectory until it reaches the maximum. The supply of dollars, in contrast, depends on the discretion of the Federal Reserve. One consequence of this difference is that the government can inflate the US dollar if it wishes, by printing money. No one can inflate bitcoin because the. Bitcoin is structured technologically to encourage a deflationary attitude and a relatively stable store of value that partially harkens back to the gold standard. In this way, the community. To deal with this otherwise wasted energy, a grid equipped with Bitcoin miners could fluctuate with behind-the-meter demand and mine Bitcoin with excess reserves. If there was an energy intensive event (i.e. an especially hot afternoon), that excess capacity could be automatically allocated from the miners to the rest of the grid. The U.S. could lead this effort with 1) grant programs for plants to upgrade their systems, 2) tax incentives for plants mining with wasted energy, or 3) direct. If it had a fixed half a percent inflation rate, it would accomplish the same thing because the real value is that those rules are unchangeable. You have complete confidence in this monetary policy; there's not a currency board, there's no Federal Reserve that can change that the next time the economy does a thing. So that's scarcity; that finite quality to the asset allows it to preserve value across time, meaning you're not losing purchasing power on your Bitcoin, which is. Bitcoin fails this test because if there is a belief that its value will increase, people will hold it as an investment. (Why buy a cup of coffee with Bitcoin today if you can buy two tomorrow.

The Future of a Global Digital Reserve Currency American

Unlike fiat currencies like the US dollar, Bitcoin was designed to have a limited supply. While more bank notes can always be printed by the Federal Reserve, new bitcoin cannot be issued once all 21 million coins have been mined. Lost and destroyed Bitcoin further shrinks the currency's maximum supply. According to Cane Island Digital Research, 4% of available bitcoin is lost each year. And in any case, believing governments will ban bitcoin, if it becomes a credible threat to global reserve currencies, is an irrational reason to discount it as a savings technology. It both cedes that bitcoin is viable as money, while at the same time ignoring the principal reasons as to why: decentralization and censorship-resistance. Imagine understanding the greatest present secret in the. However, this will never be a limitation because transactions can be denominated in smaller sub-units of a bitcoin, such as bits - there are 1,000,000 bits in 1 bitcoin. Bitcoins can be divided up to 8 decimal places (0.000 000 01) and potentially even smaller units if that is ever required in the future as the average transaction size decreases Basically, Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been invented without a central bank. Whereas the Federal Reserve is responsible for America's monetary system, Bitcoin doesn't have a single person or organisation in charge. To understand the reason for this, it's worth looking at why Bitcoin was created. In 2008, a person using the. Bitcoin's price is influenced by a seemingly endless array of macroeconomic events, news stories, market participants, protocol upgrades, and investor sentiments. Yet we can, upon closer inspection, separate the signal from the noise and attach some method to the madness. As of April 18, 2021, the current Bitcoin price (in US Dollars) is fetchin

Will Bitcoin Become the Global Reserve Currency

  1. With a reserve currency, as confidence falls market wide more people will hold onto the reserve asset (in this case, [Bitcoin]), dropping its velocity, he said in a series of tweets Friday. Non-reserve currencies tend to be the opposite: as confidence falls, velocity accelerates as people try to get rid of the asset before it loses more value
  2. But Bitcoin has two things that no other currency in the world has, not even the U.S. Dollar: Decentralization and Transparency. Why buy Bitcoin, if not for those two reasons alone? Bitcoin's transparency is in direct conflict with the Federal Reserve
  3. I'm also going to go much, much deeper than Bitcoin will go to zero or Bitcoin will become the reserve currency and be worth $1,000,000. That's not really saying all that much and anyone can do it. Instead we'll look at how the technology will transform and how society will transform with it. I've got a decent track record of successfully predicting future trends and.

Is Bitcoin on The Path to Becoming The World's Reserve

The Impact of Bitcoin as a Reserve Currency in Developing

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