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Top Decentralized Exchanges on CoinGecko by Trading Volume. DeFi Coins. Decentralized Exchange (DEX) $9,690,304,232. DEX 24h Trading Volume. 3.3%. Defi Volume Dominance (vs. Global) 45862579. Monthly DEX Visits 100 najpopularniejszych DeFi według kapitalizacji rynkowej - CoinGecko 100 najpopularniejszych zdecentralizowanych walut finansowych (DeFi) według kapitalizacji rynkowej DeFi or Decentralized Finance refers to financial services that are built on top of distributed networks with no central intermediaries

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About DeFiChain Coin. DeFiChain price today is $3.74 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,521,413. DFI price is down -1.6% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 DFI coins and a max supply of 1.2 Billion. Bittrex is the current most active market trading it 1. CoinGeko - DeFi. Official Website https://www.coingecko.com/en/defi. CoinGecko has long been known to be one of the best cryptocurrency tracking websites behind CoinmarketCap.com. However, CoinGecko has also opened a new DeFi section that allows users to track the Top 100 DeFi coins by Market Cap. The rankings are listed by market cap and it shows the 24-hour volume for each individual coin. This is different from tracking DeFi projects in terms of USD value locked in smart contracts

DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) 90 Days Locking DYP/WETH. 3. Blockchain Consilium Peckshield CertiK. DYP WETH. N/A. $2,363,964.91. 118.40% Yearly. 0.01% Hourly CoinGecko's DeFinitive (hah) DeFi list This summer saw the rise of DeFi and yield farming and it certainly kept us very busy. With the rise of DeFi, we made a list of top DeFi tokens, popularized the use of Fully Diluted Valuation, and also added Total Value Locked (TVL) to help you on your research journey Looking at the popular searches on CoinGecko, it is evident that things are shifting around quite often. DeFi tokens still reign supreme, but a lot of new queries have been added to the list. Ethverse is the top Trend. It will come as a relatively big surprise, but Ethverse is the most searched term on CoinGecko in the past week. This new virtual world owned by its users runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Virtual worlds are nothing new, but they often struggle to retain users. Whether this. Publications How To Bitcoin Book How to DeFi Book Guides CoinGecko Buzz Glossary Community Facebook Twitter Instagram Telegram Official Telegram News Discord Steemit BitcoinTalk Newsletter Blog Stor

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  1. The list is non-exhaustive and with this, we believe the cryptocurrency industry will finally experience a wide-scale retail adoption by the end of this year. Whether you enter through DeFi or NFT, we want to welcome all new users to crypto. Make yourself at home and let us together continue to watch how 2021 is going to unfold. Here are our 10 key crypto-highlights for Q1 2021: Cryptocurrency.
  2. g rankings ️ Listed by total value locked in ️ Curve ️ Yearn ️ Ethereum based tokens ️ And many more ️ Cryptos : 9,285 Exchanges : 368 Market Cap : $1,989,070,010,848 24h Vol : $219,554,825,191 Do
  3. inSure DeFi SURE $ 0.01 Bella Protocol BEL $ 3.93 Frax FRAX $ 1.00 xDai STAKE $ 21.63 Ferrum Network FRM $ 0.74 Vesper VSP $ 41.18 Dego Finance DEGO $ 12.57 Nerve Finance NRV $ 2.31 Tellor TRB $ 68.53 API3 API3 $ 7.29 MANTRA DAO OM $ 0.3
  4. UNIFI DeFi has been listed on CoinGecko! Within a few hours/ days, the API and data should fully update to show correct figures and data. It was one of the most asked questions in the Telegram..
  5. DeFi list - Coingecko also introduced a DeFi list page containing the top 100 DeFi coins by market cap. Some of the notable coins listed include yearn.finance, Uniswap, Chainlink, 0x, and Aave. Some of the notable coins listed include yearn.finance, Uniswap, Chainlink, 0x, and Aave
  6. DeFi is the acronym for Decentralized Finance which refers to financial services that are built on top of distributed networks without central intermediaries. The beauty of DeFi is that anyone with a device and internet can have access to financial products. We are already starting to see how DeFi could potentially disrupt traditional finance
  7. There are 43 coins and 84 trading pairs on the exchange. Serum DEX volume in the last 24 hours is reported to be at ₿374.18. The most active trading pair on Serum DEX exchange is BTC/USDT. Serum DEX is established in year 2020. More information about Serum DEX exchange can be found at https://dex.projectserum.com. Address

Crypto exchange Coinbase could soon list the tokens of DeFi powerhouses like Aave, Bancor, Compound, and Synthetix. As one of the largest exchanges in North America, the move would benefit DeFi protocols across the sector. Integrating DeFi with CeFi Coinbase is losing favor with the crypto community CoinGecko's DeFinitive (hah) DeFi list . This summer saw the rise of DeFi and yield farming and it certainly kept us very busy. With the rise of DeFi, we made a list of top DeFi tokens, popularized the use of Fully Diluted Valuation, and also added Total Value Locked (TVL) to help you on your research journey. With Uniswap trading getting popular this year, we knew you needed a way to. How To DeFi is a must-read book for anyone looking to understand DeFi. It is packed with simple explanations and step-by-step guides to help you understand and get started with in this fast-developing ecosystem. This is an ebook. Purchasers will get PDF, ePub and Mobi versions of this book for download CoinGecko: Even CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap have understood the power of DeFi and a few months ago they introduced two particular lists where it is possible to keep track of all DeFi projects divided by MarketCap. On CoinGecko, on this particular page, it is possible to check the total value locked in DeFi, at the moment showing about 24 billion dollars. To check the TVL of each project simply. import defi.defi_tools as dft import pandas as pd exchanges = ['pancakeswap', 'venus', 'uniswap', 'Compound', 'AAVE'] hist = [dft. getProtocol (exchange)[1] for exchange in exchanges] df = pd. concat (hist, axis = 1) df. columns = exchanges df. plot (figsize = (12, 6)

CoinGecko Learn . CoinGecko's 'How to DeFi' book is a great guide for learning all you need to know about trading safely with decentralized finance (DeFi). Split into four sections with 15 chapters, CoinGecko has released a fully-comprehensive step-by-step ebook for anyone wanting to learn the basics of DeFi. You can get your hands on a copy by following the CoinGecko 'Learn' tab. A list of DeFi project lists for you to get inspired. DeFi Prime; DeFi Pulse; Everest; What to do if I have an idea, but no money and connections with VCs. Following the Lean Startup methodology, you don't have to have money to validate your hypothesis, but even though to build an MVP it wouldn't be superfluous to have some intital capital. BUT. UNIFI DeFi đã được list trên CoinGecko! Trong vòng vài giờ/ngày, API và dữ liệu sẽ cập nhật đầy đủ để hiển thị các số liệu và dữ liệu chính xác. Đó là một trong những câu hỏi được hỏi nhiều nhất trong Telegram: Bạn có trên CoinGecko không? Hôm nay, cuối cùng chúng ta cũng có thể hét lên CÓ! Đúng. Vâng. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/unifi-defi. This marks a great next milestone for UNIFI DeFi - we know just how many of you use CoinGecko to keep track of market activity, so starting today, you'll be able to directly track all the ups (hopefully loads and loads) and the downs (hopefully none) of UNIFI DeFi. Our snazzy, sleek logo is also attached to it, so you really know you're looking at the right UNIFI DeFi and not an imitation or copycat Bobby Ong, Co-Founder and COO of CoinGecko, sat down in an interview with Boxmining on 4th August 2020.They talked about Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Decentralised Exchanges (DEX), whether 2020 will be a breakout year for a bull run, and more

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To start with, I like how CoinGecko not only lists the price of a coin and its history but gives a quick description of the coin and its intended use case. Suppose that you are a newbie and your friend tells you to consider investing in something called Polkadot. You might not know what the coin is, and you might not feel like reading a whitepaper, but with CoinGecko, you can easily see a. CoinGecko is one best free crypto research tools you can use to perform fundamental analysis before buying any cryptocurrencies. You can also learn about DeFi, yield farms, markets, Crypto news, Coin price updates, Crypto price to fiat currencies calculator, etc. How to Use CoinGecko App Crypto Portfolio Tracker to Manage your Trade

Lists from CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Dharma, Zerion, Kleros TCR, Defiprime, Compound, Aave, Synthetix, UMA, 1inch, and Roll (and many more coming soon!) Token Lists can be used right now in the Uniswap Interface, removing the need for a default list. This is another step forward in interface decentralization. Read Uniswap Interface + IPFS to learn how the Uniswap interface is now hosted by the. Python wrapper around the CoinGecko API. CoinGecko API wrapper. Python3 wrapper around the CoinGecko API (V3). Installation. PyPI. pip install pycoingeck

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Success All the way for Stake Coin we will keep updating the community on about Stake Coin stay tuned ️ Private Sale (Done) ️Listed on CoinGecko (Done) ️Listed on Pancakeswap (2 hours after Publi As long as DeFi remains a powerful subculture, UNI will always have a shot at the top 10. At the time of writing, the UNI price is at $4.49 at CoinGecko. 10. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Our list for the top 10 cryptocurrencies to look forward to in 2021 will not be complete without Bitcoin Cash. Despite a number of issues in terms of consensus, none can deny that it is a top performer. As the chart.

Coingecko has launched a campaign called collect candies. After you sign up, you can log into Coingecko on the web or mobile app every day and collect candies. These candies are like points and you can redeem the points for goodies. Presently they are providing redemption rewards like NFTs, Coingecko branded T-Shirt, Coingecko DeFi book etc Phoenix Defi Finance Just Entered the Real World. PhoenixDefi is an incredibly promising project, goal achieving success on the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to maximize your investment with yield farming mechanism that provides sustainable and profitable yields combined with transparent security features. Next milestone: PNIXS Private-Sale from 14:00 10th Apr, 2021 (UTC) PNIXS Pre-Sale from. This item: How to DeFi by CoinGecko Paperback $14.88. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details. Token Economy: How the Web3 reinvents the Internet by Shermin Voshmgir Paperback $28.00. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping. Details . The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with.

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The list of partnerships is one of the strong points of Paradox and includes major companies such as Cryptocompare, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, CryptoSlate, CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap, and many others. These publishers are among the biggest in the industry and are responsible for over 100 million monthly impressions. But if there are still any doubts about Paradox, the quality of its services is. This was a good move by CoinGecko because hearing about the candies (and moon listing) encouraged me to download the app for the first time yesterday and now that I have I'm converted. I won't say no to some free candies (whatever they may be) but candies or no candies, it's a great app . level 2. Gold | QC: CC 63. 2 points · 21 minutes ago. Yay! We're so glad that you've decided to join the. It has been a vital component of the DeFi sector, since the ChainLink data oracles are integrated with nearly all Ethereum-based DeFi projects, which makes it profit from the recent DeFi boom. Its token LINK's market cap exceeds $3B, which ranks NO.8 according to Coingecko Stake Coin is pleased to announce our Public Sale on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on January 15th at 12:00 PM UTC.. After opening Whitelist registration yesterday, we have received over 1,000 registrations exceeding the Public Sale hardcap (1400 BNB) CoinGecko's DeFi Advantage. Some argue that it's not that CoinMarketCap is doing anything wrong, but more about what CoinGecko is doing right. Indeed, decentralized finance (DeFi) has likely played more of a role in attracting users in 2020. Total value locked (TVL) has increased from less than $1 billion at the beginning of the year to now over $15 billion. Read Also: Bitcoin documentary.

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregation platform that provides fundamental analysis of the cryptomarket. The Coingecko team has strict requirements, and a stringent evaluation process. They do diligent analysis and data checks before publishing insights to its users. These insights are prepared after CoinGecko examines them on the parameters of 24h trading volume, number of coins listed. According to reports, CoinGecko will provide crypto data support for Band Protocol's recently launched Band Standard Dataset. Currently, over 20 DeFi protocols have integrated Band Protocol's Band Standard Dataset. Some of these DeFi protocols can be found on blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, ICON, Nervos, etc The volume of RUNE is surging with this news, reaching all-time highs per data source CoinGecko. DeFi recovery. RUNE's rally underscores the ongoing decentralized finance recovery in spite of the fact that Ethereum is around 20 percent below its recent highs of $1,350. The decentralized finance market is outperforming today despite further consolidation in the top players. According to. You see, DeFi Pulse doesn't list a lot of projects unlike DeFi Llama, which has far better stats because they list every real DeFi project under the sun that's capturing real value. Total Value Locked (USD) in DeFi - Data Source: DeFi Llama. Per data from DeFi Llama, the actual TVL in DeFi has already surpassed $50B. This is a more accurate number because it lists all real DeFi projects.

RAMP Vaults: 5 Days From Launch | Listed on CoinGecko Yield Pools with Over $900,000 In Staked The RAMP Vaults are now successfully listed on CoinGecko's Yield Pools page for new users to. Dies bedeutete, dass DeFi-Händler damit begannen, NFTs zu erstellen und es in ihren Netzwerken zu bewerben. NFTs erhalten ihre eigene Kategorie. Im September fügte Coingecko eine spezielle NFT-Listenkategorie hinzu, um eine kuratierte Liste von NFT-fokussierten Blockchains zu präsentieren. Es war nicht nur eine Responsive auf den aktuellen.

Trustless token-to-token exchange, based on the 0x protocol. Trade BTC, ETH, EOS, Cosmos ATOMs, DAI stablecoins and mor DeFi has been immensely popular throughout 2019 and 2020 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Use this book to stay ahead of the curve and learn how you can utilize various DeFi applications to better understand the changes that will disrupt the traditional financial sector. In this book, you will discover: - What is DeFi and their differences with traditional finance - What is Ethereum. DeFi ist der letzte Schrei, da der Gesamtmarkt der boomenden Kryptolandschaft heute nach Daten von CoinGecko eine Obergrenze von 8 Milliarden Dollar überschritten hat. DeFi wächst weiterhin exponentiell. Die Obergrenze des DeFi-Marktes nimmt weiter zu, da immer mehr Geld in den entstehenden Raum fließt. Nach den neuesten Daten von CoinGecko beträgt die gesamte Marktkapitalisierung bei.

You can track, buy & sell Lendefi Token (LDFI) or any DeFi assets on Zerion. Price chart, market cap, P&L calculations and more. Discover new DeFi assets to add to your portfolio. Welcome to Zerion. Connect an Ethereum wallet to manage your DeFi portfolio. Connect Wallet . Invest. Favorites. Exchange. Pools. Settings. F. 70. USD. LDF. LDFI. Lendefi Token $ 0. 773512 +9.9%. 1H 1D 1W 1M 1Y. This. Decentralized Finance (DEFI) has grown very rapidly in the past one year but the material to help people grasp the idea of DEFI lagged behind. I bought this from Coingecko.com for $14.99 but Coingecko users can have this for 800 candies. Candies are daily rewards for platform users and can be claimed from rewards section of Account Details

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The Moola Team is in talks with CoinGecko and others to list Moola (MLA) ~Approx. by 3/31/2021 We hope to have fully launched our defi statistics platform and deflationary yield farming dapp! We are currently in talks with major protocols and projects for the partnership to strengthen the market presence of MLA. MOOLA BABY! The Moola (MLA) is not just another Token. It's more than that. This. Coinbase Wants to List Your Crypto Asset In a move that could rapidly broaden the number of cryptocurrencies listed, Coinbase announced Thursday a new issuance portal called Asset Hub A decentralized exchange powered by 0x protocol. Support Ethereum tokens trading

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Datamine (DAM) Top 10 DeFi DApp, CoinGecko, & More! Datamine Network. Jun 24, 2020 · 2 min read. We are very excited to announce that Datamine (DAM) Token is now listed on CoinGecko, a leading independent crypto data aggregator: Datamine (DAM) price, marketcap, chart, and info | CoinGecko. Get Datamine (DAM) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. www.coingecko.com. DAM. CoinGecko Features CoinGecko Website. First and foremost, CoinGecko Portfolio Tracker has a website that shows a detailed list of cryptocurrencies. The plus point of this list is that CoinGecko shows a graph of the last 7days at a single glance. However, Other websites require the users to click on their desired crypto for price graph DeFi indices are increasing in Assets Under Management (parallel that to regular ETFs & Indices on the stock market), increasing their share (~0.6%) of the DeFi market. The top 3 are INDEX, Indexed Finance, and Powerpool. More money will pour in as more passive and active investors alike start finding the indices; along with more investment opportunities and strategies. It's still the early.

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DEFI 100 (D100) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $0.2593, total supply 3,726,783.678582072, number of holders 7,555 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data CoinGecko found that capital inflow into the crypto market increased by $9.15 billion in Q3, attributing the spike to DeFi protocols. The report ultimately confirms that decentralized finance stole the show after June's introduction of yield farming, a new way of earning tokens on DeFi protocols—generally decentralized derivatives platforms, decentralized exchanges, and non-custodial. Python wrapper for the CoinGecko API. Contribute to man-c/pycoingecko development by creating an account on GitHub. Skip to content. Sign up Sign up Why GitHub? Features → Mobile → Actions → Codespaces → Packages → Security → Code review → Project management → Integrations → GitHub Sponsors → Customer stories → Team; Enterprise; Explore Explore GitHub → Learn and contr

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Now, DeFi Pulse is refusing to list 1inch exchange — but there is more to it than meets the eye. 1inch, which launched an airdrop in December 2020, has requested a listing on DeFiPulse several times. Its latest request on Feb. 9 has also been denied. Hey @defipulse! This is our official second request to list 1inch liquidity protocol on your service! #DeFi is about freedom and you shouldn. A curated list of cryptocurrency resources for Bitcoin, Ethereum, De-Fi, block explorers, DEX, and on-chain statistics. Skip to content. Coinresources.io. A curated list of coin resources. Home; Blog; About; Twitter; Resources. Scroll To Top. Show All Twitter Bots Bitcoin Network On-Chain Statistics Bitcoin Ethereum DeFi Ethereum Network Stablecoins Block Explorers DEX Market Data Podcasts. ICO Drops contains a complete list of all ICOs & IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) in three columns Active ICO, Upcoming ICO, Ended ICO with rating and analysis. ICO STATS; WHITELIST; ENDED ICO ; UPCOMING ICO; ACTIVE ICO; close. Menu. BTC $60221 -2.3%. ETH $2329 -5% * DISCLAIMER: All information including our Interest Level rating, is provided merely for informational purposes. ICO. r/UmbriaNetwork: Umbria is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol on Ethereum. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu . UmbriaNetwork r/ UmbriaNetwork. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 5. pinned by moderators. Posted by 2 months ago. r/UmbriaNetwork Lounge. 5.

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This gives it a market capitalization of $850 million according to CoinGecko. Unlike other DeFi tokens, it has not shot for the moon and has remained relatively flat since the post-launch spike. This is likely to be due to its inflationary distribution model. In terms of protocol TVL, DappRadar reported $4.05 billion whereas DeFiPulse had it a little higher at $4.4 billion. Being one of the. On the 30th of January DeFi dapps Uniswap (UNI), and Compound (COMP) both surged to new all-time highs as the whole Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry continued to mature in 2021. UNI surged to a new all-time high price of $20.03 as the price of COMP temporarily rose to over $343. At the time of writing, COMP has continued to rise and is currently trading at over $366. Source: CoinGecko. DappRadar is a directory of top decentralized app, and is also an excellent screener for Defi space. They have also added screener for collectibles (NFT's), which might interest many of you. Like other apps in this list, this one also provide account registration feature, and let you manage your watchlist and portfolio PEX DeFi Token - PepsX Decentralized Finance Token powered by Project PEPS. Decentralized Lending, Insurance, Finance facilities. PepsX DeFi - Liquidity Pool. Build a Plan and harvest all new PepsX DeFi Tokens. Earn higher PEPS Coin Rewards. 100% Free. Home; Help; Create New Pool. Whale Plan 1,000,000 PEPS. 400 PepsX. Orca Plan 750,000 PEPS. 225 PepsX. Shark Plan 500,000 PEPS. 100 PepsX.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market, news, analysis, alerts, and real time prices by the world's leading cryptocurrency data aggregator. Our FREE crypto price tracker app allows you to Access real-time market data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, and over 6000+ cryptocurrencies Track Crypto Derivatives such as Perpetual and Futures Contracts Read trending news Set. CoinGecko How to DeFi Book, First Edition . CoinGecko Earn Section for DAI About CoinGecko. Since 2014, CoinGecko has been the trusted source of information by millions of cryptocurrency investors. Its mission is to empower the cryptocurrency community with a 360-degree overview of the market. CoinGecko provides comprehensive information from thousands of data points such as price.

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Big Returns for DeFi Stakers. Over a million ETH has been deposited in the wrapped Ethereum pool according to the BDP data vault, earning an APY of 40%. Almost 17,000 BTC is currently in the wBTC pool earning 82% APY while the Tether vault has gained 728 million USDT earning 96%. The top-earning pools are boasting 4-digit returns with OCEAN at 1,375% and TOMOE at 1,315% at the time of writing. If you want to list your cryptocurrency at stex exchange feel free to fill the form at this page. Trade; Legacy Trade; Support Center; MarketCap CoinMarketCap CoinGecko LiveCoinWatch. CoinMarketCap; CoinGecko; LiveCoinWatch; DeFi Auctions; Sign in; Sign up; English. English; Español; Українська ; Русский; STEX listing. STEX listing. Estimated time to add your coin is 2-7 days.

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We announce the release of a new section on CoinGecko called CoinGecko Earn and the publication of the world-first Decentralized Finance (DeFi) book titled How to DeFi . EDUCATIONAL. Close. 37. Posted by. Platinum | QC: CC 64. 1 year ago. Archived. We announce the release of a new section on CoinGecko called CoinGecko Earn and the publication of the world-first Decentralized Finance (DeFi. You can track, buy & sell hoge.finance (HOGE) or any DeFi assets on Zerion. Price chart, market cap, P&L calculations and more. Discover new DeFi assets to add to your portfolio. Welcome to Zerion. Connect an Ethereum wallet to manage your DeFi portfolio. Connect Wallet . Invest. Favorites. Exchange. Pools. Settings. We are experiencing syncing issues related to the problem with the.

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DIXT FINANCE is a erc 20 based defi project thats aim is to gove profit to all user. Now a days defi is gold & also risky DIXT FINANCE is promising to give profit to everyone and that will be 100% risk free It will alunch its own staking platform from where user can earn without doing anything Also DIXT will list to all big exchange And to give profit DIXT is laubching a limited amount airdrop. √List on Coingecko. √@CoverProtocol Insurance. √List more yield farming and DeFi platforms. √More DeFi media PR. √Build relationship with more partners for DeFi projects. √Launch some giveaways events on twitter. √Crypto media PR. √Twitter KOLs to promote. √Community building plan launched. Airdrop for BT users and partners . √Marketing in Asia and Read more · 2. DeFi Lender bZx Reclaims $8M Stolen in Sunday's Attack. The hacker was exposed sometime on Monday. (MichaelMaggs/Wikimedia Commons) Paddy Baker. Sep 14, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. UTC Updated Sep 14. is the game changer in #Defi Space. Why? No OTC / No Private Sale / Presale. Our Features. Staking. Lending. Borrowing. Governance. Token Distribution . 30% Coming soon; 40% Staking reward; 20% Eco System; 07% Team & Dev; 03% Marketing; Eco System Token Fund Usage. 40% Platform development; 25% BW Listed; 20% Operational costs; 10% Legal expenses; 05% Strategy development; Roadmap. We have big. The RAMP Vaults have launched as of 12 November 2020, 10pm Singapore time. The RAMP Vaults are now successfully listed on CoinGecko's Yield Pools page for new users to discover and join CoinGecko X Travala.com Airdrop Contest is worth 100 AVA Tokens (~$ 240) for each of the 5 Lucky Winners. About CoinGecko X Travala.com CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics

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